Charity & Giving Back

The founders of Mercury and its staff all felt strongly about giving back and we have always supported charity work, both on the ground and through financial means. We believe in helping people so that they can help themselves in the future!

La Roca De Alfarero -- Our first project in 2002 was to help incept and start the financing, engineering, building and financing of a soccer field in Tijuana next to La Roca children's home. This was land donated by the local government and this ambitious project was completed in 2004 by various groups in and around Southern California and elsewhere. It remains an active use facility to this day.

St Stephens Community Center (2002) -- We provided 100's of coats and sweaters to St Stephens as an offshoot of our apparel business.

Stitching Veldwerk (2004-2009) -- We provided funding to a Dutch charity run by Rene Veldt in Nepal, helping them to build an additional school building and teaching children fundamental education.

Lugar De Promesas (2006-2020) -- A young school teacher, Jose Contreras, decided to go to the suburbs of Guatemala City and set up a non-profit charity to create a meeting place and community outreach program for children and families in need. He wanted to give them a safe place where they are able to get donations of food, clothing, and counselling to improve their lives and future prospects. We provided funding when is was needed most at the beginning, through a chance meeting with an entrepreneur who was shining shoes and simply asked for help to start a cause 2600+ miles away... 14 years later Lugar has helped 100's of families and has elevated conditions in this poverty stricken area. Some people call this help. We simply call it love.